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Me at a pumpkin patch in 2005.

Born November 17, 2002
Education Stanford University

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Hello! My name is Teland[0]. This is my website where you will find a short biography, things that I have worked on in the past, and other interesting stuff. What else do people put on their personal websites anyways? P.S. Click the logo on the top left for a surprise.



Hi! My name is Teland and I am from the Bay Area, California. This is my personal site where I will post personal projects and random stuff.

I previously worked at NVIDIA at the autonomous vehicles department! I'm a student at Stanford University in Palo Alto. Outside of work, I created a podcast that has been featured in the New York Times and NPR, hold a Guinness World Record, make music with over 1 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music, and maintain a video game that I made the #1 most viewed game on Twitch.


One project I am working on is the Household Name Project. You can find more info by clicking here. In addition, I have a lot of hobbies that I like to work on. Here are some of the things that I kinda like to do.


Making games is a hobby of mine - one of my games became the most popular game on Twitch, where streamers play games live. It actually received over 80,000 viewers! You can find the game here. At its peak, it received more than 40,000 users.


I like photography because it allows me to capture a moment in time. My work has been featured in SF Gate


Sunset by the school


Photo taken in a Taiwan street market


I host a podcast called the "Major Jobs Podcast"[4]. You can find it here. Some of my favorite guests have included Ernie Johnson, Portugal. the Man, the voice of Siri, Jeff Kaplan, and Ken Bone.

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